Supporting Statement

My project is about celebrating the extra in the ordinary and focusing on the things that surround our everyday lives. Products these days are not made to last very long, and with mass production and consumerism playing a huge role in our lives, we are always acquiring things. I therefore created Extraordinary, a selection of everyday products that offer an alternative way of living, with just a few carefully made items for our daily needs. Extraordinary offers thoughtfully selected authentic products, lovingly crafted with care, to make the viewer think about procuring well-made products, opposed to buying lots of easily disposable mass produced things. This project is about enhancing our appreciation of everyday products, demonstrating how we can live a more refined way of life by thinking about the products we buy.

I chose to design packaging for everyday products as I feel that they can sometimes be neglected by design, and because function can be beautiful. I like the idea of a return to a more thoughtful way of living where products are made to last, and are therefore cherished. I have designed a range of products that cater to daily needs, a website with an online shop to showcase these products, and a product guide to really celebrate the range. The purpose behind the photography of the products, the product guide and the website was to really elevate these products and increase their appreciation. If I got the chance to develop this project further, I would love to add more products to the range, and create an actual shop.

I hope you enjoy the extra in my ordinary products.